Stefan Hoenerloh (German, b. 1960), Die Milchstrasse, 2007. Oil and acrylic on polyvinyl/canvas, 102 x 172 cm.

Frozen is the new Black

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Javiera Mena. Luz de Piedra de Luna

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"…a question that cannot be solved by logic or science… I find_____to be the answer. Or, ____ is a comfort good enough that you don’t need any answer"

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Square Favela
Aerial view of Rio das Pedras shantytown (favela), next to Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 28, 2014
Picture: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images
Source: The Atlantic In Focus
note to myself.

i’m not sure whether I should be patient about waiting for love or simply forget about wanting to fall in love. 

when you are disappointed from experience you are more likely to be desperate and then more disappointment comes along. 

but i’m quite positive that THIS is not the right moment to commence a healthy relationship because I need to grow out that solitary(/single)-anxiety (maybe it’s my vanity) and develop confidence and integrity. Or am I wrong, these two things CAN happen at the same time and at the same pace?

Still, I don’t want to bring my own issues, no matter how small they are, into a relationship. TBH i’m not mature to handle ANY serious commitment which saddens me immediately youknowwhat I’m 24. fuck.

read that Sartre book already.

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Photographer: Matt Armendariz



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